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Shinerr PoV Mythic Gorefiend 

Mythic Kilrogg Down! 5/13M

Shinerr a posted Aug 3, 15

Even with many absences due to vacations we were able to tackle Mythic Kilrogg. Onward to Gorfiend!

Zeldra Your face is a Gorefiend.

 Making progress through HFC. Took down High Council in true Lusting on Trash fashion, very last pull of the night! Thanks to everyone for being flexible during summer vacations!



17/17M Blackhand Down!!!!

Shinerr a posted May 21, 15

Its been a very long tier with many ups and downs. After a grueling final boss we finally killed it! Time to take a breather and get ready for the next tier!

Chronux "Time to take a breather..."

Mythic 9/10 Down

Primalfears a posted Apr 13, 15

in the past weeks we have downed Thogar

Iron Maidens

And Finally Blast Furnance 

we now have one boss left Mythic Blackhand, so everyone keep focused and lets end this tier strong 

Mythic Kromog Dead

Primalfears a posted Mar 13, 15

6/10 Mythic

5/10 Mythic

Primalfears a posted Mar 3, 15

4 Bosses in 1 week good job team

Mythic Gruul

Mythic Flamebender

Mythic Hans'gar and Franzok

Mythic Oregorger

Mythic Beastlord Darmac

4/7M Tectus down!

Git a posted Dec 23, 14

3/7M! Brackenspore downed!

Git a posted Dec 17, 14
Great job on a solid Tuesday. Let's keep rolling into Tectus!

Great job on an easy Heroic clear! Get ready for the hard stuff and the long haul. Come prepared to Mythic on Tuesday.

Rastafaree ankh hype too real bois
Dotsfired a love this <3
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