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Upcoming Open Raids

Git a posted Jul 19, 14

Monday - July 21

Lusting's 25 NM Fresh SoO

Thursday - July 24

Lusting's 25 H SoO - 6/14H 

Monday - July 28

Lusting's 25 NM Last 6 

25 Heroic Alt Raid - Thursday

Git a posted Jul 9, 14
Must sign up here on open raid!

Make sure you sign up on your alt (not your main).
Gymtansmush carrying that shinner kid huh? He must of came from mal'ganis.
Archetype Really nice job on that Garrosh vid Git, really nicely done.
Scrub chyeah buddy!

Arthas Transfer Status

Git a posted Mar 14, 14

Update 2 (Fri - 9:37 pm)

Guild is now over on Arthas. Happy inviting!

Update 1 (Fri - 1:31 pm)

I began the transfer late Thursday night. It is still "processing." I'm not sure how much longer it will take. If it doesn't complete by this evening, I will contact blizzard support to check on the status.

I'll keep you all posted here.
Primalfears dread i need to move 250k as well we can spilt a gbank if u want and xfer it
Dreadmist Hey guys! This is Dreadmist. I need to make arrangements to have 275k gold transferred over to Arthas. Any stragglers ...
Primalfears Guild Has now finished the Xfer Arthas Hype

Heroic Siegecrafter Down!

Git a posted Jan 11, 14

Heroic Iron Juggernaut Kill

Git a posted Oct 17, 13

Heroic Nuroshen and Galakras

Git a posted Oct 16, 13

Heroic Sha of Pride Guide

Git a posted Oct 4, 13

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